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Beef Rings the Bell

Published 1960s circa

EXCELLENT shots (in beautiful color) of cattle ranches, cowboys herding cattle, cattle auction. Butcher cutting sides of beef. SUPERB early 1960s backyard barbecue (at roughly 0:24:00), CU hamburgers cooking on the grill. Early 1960s family eating hamburgers outdoors in their backyard. Great shot (at 0:25:08) of man wearing chef's hat and apron ("Genius At Work") putting thick, juicy steaks on the barbecue grill. For barbecue shots, you couldn't do better than this film!!

PA-4146 ìBeef Rings The Bellî

00:00:41:18 - 00:28:19:10 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Beef Rings the Bell - promotional film following beef production
from cattle ranches to family barbecues.
EXCELLENT shots (in beautiful color) of cattle ranches, cowboys
herding cattle, cattle auction, feed lots, holding pens. Butcher
cutting sides of beef, meat packaging & pricing, supermarket &
consumers. GREAT early 1960s backyard barbecue, CU hamburgers
cooking on the grill. Early 1960s family eating hamburgers
outdoors in their backyard. Great shot of man wearing chef's hat
and apron putting thick, juicy steaks on the barbecue grill.

00:00:41:18 - 00:05:18:05 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Title credit, cartoon w/ cow ringing bell for meal time. WS PAN
cattle herd w/ snow-capped mountains in BG. VS cattle (steers)
grazing on ranch. VS of cattle ranch in winter, w/ rancher feeding
cows hay. VS of bull cow among herd. Cowboys (men on horses)
herding cattle. Cattle in holding pens, fences. Men spraying
cattle w/ insect repellent, dipping them, inoculating them against
disease. Branding irons.

00:05:18:06 - 00:08:47:20 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Cowboys on horses round up cattle in the Fall. WS ZO of cows
(steers) walking across plain, herding. Cattle in holding pens,
grazing. Cowboys leading herd, cattle drives.

00:08:47:21 - 00:10:57:04 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Cattle herds arrive at railroads, forced into holding pens by
cowboys. Ranchers on horses direct cows. Cattle loaded through
chutes on to train, stock cars. Cows (steers) on to train in
winter, snowing. VS trains on the move (Union Pacific Railroad).
Sign for Union Stock Trade Company claiming "World's Largest
Livestock & Meatpacking Center," Omaha, Nebraska. HA WS of holding
pens w/ cattle.

00:10:57:26 - 00:12:22:18 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Excellent footage of of cattle auction. Steers driven to auction
floor. VS auctioneer taking bids on cows, speaking rapidly. Men
in audience (feed lot operators) raise hands to bid. Men on floor
relay bids to auctioneer.

00:12:23:17 - 00:15:16:05 Color Sound ca. 1960s
AERIAL over cattle feed lots. Thousands of cows (steers) in
holding pens. TD of mill processing plant used for making animal
feed. Scientists working in laboratories. Scientific experiments
& equipment. Agricultural equipment, farming machinery preparing
cattle feed. VS feed trucks filling fence-line troughs w/ food for
cattle in pens. Automated feeding machinery, food transported
directly to cattle troughs. Cattle eating feed.

00:15:17:00 - 00:22:13:08 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Beef carcasses hanging in processing plant. Government inspector
examines each carcass & labels / stamps them with "USDA" approved
or choice. Plant workers (butchers) cut beef carcasses, put them
in refrigerated trucks for transport. Butcher (retailer) cuts
beef. Great diagram of cuts made on hind quarter of beef (butcher
points them out): the flank, the sirloin tip, the loin, & the
round. VS cutting beef, narrator describes where each steak comes
from as the butcher points it out. Diagram of the fore quarter w/
butcher pointing out cuts: the chuck, the shank, the brisket, the
plate, & the rib. Butcher cuts steer into different steaks.

00:22:13:26 - 00:24:05:17 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Female factory worker wraps meat (steaks) in plastic + styrofoam w/
machine. Man (butcher) weighing meat packages + pricing them.
Consumers (shoppers) choosing meat at supermarket from refrigerated
display case. VS of advertisements for meat industry. PAN of
Nebraska license plate "The Beef State," + bumper sticker reading
"Enjoy Beef Every Day."

00:24:06:02 - 00:28:19:10 Color Sound ca. 1960s
Backyard barbecues. CU hamburgers on the grill. Cook serving
hamburgers. Friends & family eating hamburgers outdoors. Older
man cooking steaks (sirloins) on backyard grill. Man wears apron
"Genius at Work) & chef hat. CU of steaks cooking on grill.
Credits (Union Pacific Railroad logo).

Sponsor Union Pacific Railroad
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Spuzz - - January 27, 2013
Subject: Oh! The IRONY! The IRONY!
This is, of course a salute to beef.
The film starts out with a dreadful animation of a cow ringing a bell indicating dinner. (GET it? BEEF rings the BELL?)
After that comes a wonderful plateau of cows roaming the open range, chewing grass, being herded, chewing grass, being branded. "The cows, soon, go in one direction" the narrator says, and yes thats right.. "To Market". Soon, you're just DREADING where this film is heading. The film slowly builds on that (The narrator seems to know this as well lol) and takes us through the cows being loaded on (Union Pacific!) railcars, being auctioned off, being kept in holding pens, and then.... We cut AFTER the dirty part, the slab of beef is on a hook! (Cheaters!) Anyways, if you're somewhat dissapointed in the skipping of the most OBVIOUS step, the actual cutting up of the carcass into different selections of beef will certainly appease you, as the butcher digs in with his knife, fat falling off the carcass, and us losing our lunches. The narrator hilariously says during all of this, 'the thought of this beef, with dripping gravy on fluffy mashed potatoes!' The whole thing ends off with not one but TWO barbecues, with big juicy steaks and plump hamburgers! Mmmmm! A very INTERESTING film to say the least.
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